Reading the tea leaves for social media in 2013

Welcome to December! It’s the month for looking back at communications trends and lessons from 2012 as well as for an endless supply of articles looking to the future in 2013. While no one really knows what will happen in communications and social media in 2013, a number of luminaries and amateur soothsayers are making their best guesses heard. Here are links to a couple of worthwhile summary pieces, as well as a reference to a new tool for managing your posts on Pinterest.

– Earlier this week, a piece on offered The best social media advice for 2013.

– Yesterday, the CEO of Hootsuite offered his prognostications for the top five trends in social media in 2013. The takeaways – more mobile, more social and more big data. Read the whole piece.

– It’s a safe bet that new add-on tools will continue to emerge in 2013 that will make the current social media favorites easier to use and manage. One example I saw mentioned today is pingraphy, for scheduling your Pinterest posts to the most opportune times and tracking statistics using that tool.

I’ll link to the articles I find most useful throughout the month here, and I would love to hear from others who run into good summaries and advice throughout this busy holiday month.