Updates to the MacBook Air lineup and a tease of new Apple products

I will admit that I followed today’s announcements from Apple at the WorldWide Developer Conference in California more closely than normal, because I am considering upgrading my go-to computer equipment – which is currently an 11-inch MacBook Air from 2010. With my circa 2006 MacBook Pro disassembled and a decision on the line about whether it is worth repairing it and continuing to put important data on such an old machine, it may be time to upgrade.

What did I learn today? Here are my highlights of what Apple announced and what those announcements could mean for businesses:

  • Developers have now been paid more than $10 billion for the sale of their apps through the Apple App Store. What this means for businesses – if you are the creator of apps, the answer is obvious, but the message that this sends to app developers may be what matters most for businesses who use all of those apps. This means there is a financial motivation to continue innovating and creating new apps.
  • All new MacBook Air lineup – This is the news that most interests me. I will carefully consider whether a new lightweight machine with a battery that will last even longer would be a good thing for my work. The new machines offer new processors that are much more efficient in how they use battery power, boosting the claimed battery run time of the 11-inch MacBook Air from the current five hours to nine hours and the claimed battery run time of the 13-inch MacBook Air from seven hours to 12 hours.
  • New Airport base station – This is important because of the new high-speed variety of wi-fi that Apple has rolled into the new MacBook Air machines.
  • Mac Pro – This was announced, but it won’t actually be available until sometime in the fall of this year. If your business does a lot of video editing or processor-intensive work, the new Mac Pro could be something you will want to be aware of when more details become available later this year. The impact for business now is minimal, unless you decide to delay buying a new high-end desktop machine to see what the final product will look like later this year.
  • iOS 7 – Some of the changes in the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads could be helpful for businesses. Although most of the focus of the new iOS focus on simplification and visual changes, some of the key updated features that could help business are better multitasking and automatic updates of your apps. The system is not supposed to be released to anyone other than software developers until sometime this fall.

Here is what other folks are saying about some of the announcements: