Reading about how others get work done

One of my favorite blogs right now is a dead simple but brilliant site called The Setup. The premise of the site is simple – profile interesting, creative people and the tools they use to get their work done. The author offers one or two updates each week, all in a similar format, and each post covers the kinds of hardware and software that people use to complete their work, along with a closing question and answer about what would be the dream work setup for each person profiled.

If you like to get inside the minds and habits of creative people, I recommend checking it out.

Want to learn? Read something interesting

It’s time that I share one of my favorite weekly blog reads – a compilation of links gathered and updated every week on The Pen Addict blog. Why? For one, because I have always liked and used fountain pens. I use them much less now that I do much of my note taking on my iPad, but I still like fountain pens, inks and high quality paper. Stationary geek – I am sure very few are surprised.

But there are other reasons I like the weekly compilations like this post from last week. As I browse through the links, I am often exposed to the work and creative habits of other interesting people.

An example from last week’s compilation – a profile of software developer and author Mike Fogus and how he works, with details about everything from his computer setup to the way he takes and accesses notes.

The Internet and blogs in particular make it easy to keep learning, and a great way to find intriguing new ideas is to get a look inside how other people work. At least that works for me. Reading about smart people, just like working with smart people, is one of the best ways to keep a fresh perspective and to keep learning.