One way to create inexpensive video

If you need to create a video for your website or for posting on YouTube, Derrick Story offers some tips and inspiration regarding how he created a high quality time lapse video using a Third Generation iPad and editing software on his Mac – Time lapse behind the scenes look at Leo Laporte’s TWiT studio.

This short blog post does intrigue me, since I work with a Third Generation iPad and I haven’t done anything really useful with the camera, other than make jokes about people who hold up iPads to record events. Maybe it’s time to stop being funny and learn something!

Using video to tell your story – short, professional, simple

One of the most effective ways to appeal to appeal to and tell your story to a larger audience is to integrate video into your public relations efforts. The challenge though is to tell your story well in video. There is no doubt it is easier to string together a few words and images to communicate, but putting that same communication into an effective video presentation – especially a video that you aim to share on YouTube or Vimeo – requires planning and execution.

There are a few simple best practices to keep in mind when you create video for the Web:

  • Shorter is better. A 30 second or 60 second video will have more impact than a longer spot.
  • The production value of the video needs to look professional. Unless a hand-held look and feel is a strategic part of how you want to tell your story on video, you are better to hire a video pro to help you create the spot.
  • And most of all, simple is better. If you can match compelling video with a concise message, you are well on the way to an effective video.

The video below is an example of a catchy, professional video with good production value. With the help of a funny tune and a cartoony look, the video has emerged as a viral hit over the last week or so. But the video still is a bit too long, and you can be the judge about whether it would change how you think about rail safety, if you watch through to the end:

Dumb Ways to Die (YouTube)