How to know it is time for a new tablet

My aging iPad has been a thorn in my side for the last month, and yesterday while I was co-working with a friend at a local coffee shop, it did everything in its power to tell me that it is time to find a replacement. Even doing something simple like checking Facebook was making the poor thing lock up, and at one point I found myself connecting my Bluetooth keyboard to my iPhone 5 so I could continue to be somewhat functional, since I had already had to reboot the iPad three or four times when it would randomly lock up.

It is possible that my iPad knows that Apple will announce upgrades tomorrow? I am sure it is just a coincidence…

Here is the link for tomorrow’s announcements scheduled for 10 a.m. Pacific Time:

On the eve of a new iPad update, a good case study for using a Surface

Apple is due to unveil an updated version or two of its iPad tablet on Oct. 16, and I will post my thoughts about it when it arrives, but I wanted to point out this post from Gizmodo today that offers a great use-case for the Surface tablet:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: The Ultimate Outdoor Computer?

The article makes an effort to follow through on Microsoft’s marketing of the Surface Pro as a competitor for the MacBook Air, but it fails to make any meaningful comparison to using an iPad Air with a keyboard in the same manner. Regardless, this may be useful information for some people. I know that if I needed to buy a Windows-based machine right now, I would consider whether a Surface Pro could meet my needs.