Create a blogging strategy for 2013

The approaching new year offers an opportunity to assess your communications efforts and set new goals for 2013. If your communication and brand awareness campaigns include blogging, this is the perfect time to set targets for things such as reframing the focus of your content, finding new ways to measure the impact of your posts or how many posts you want to make each week. When you are setting these goals, remember that your posts will be noticed and read more often if they are posted between noon and 4 p.m. on weekdays, or on Saturdays.

As for creating a strategy itself, one tip is to plot out the topics you want to be sure to cover each month of the year and then use an outline or mindmap to ensure that you hit on each of the topics in your strategy. Lists, outlines and mindmaps are your friends when it comes to ensuring a focused communication strategy – whether your communication channel is on a blog, social media, news release, through advertising buys or any other means.

What are your communication goals for 2013?