Is you website mobile-ready?

If you have been paying attention to communication trends at all, you are probably aware that the fastest growing segment of Web users are those who are browsing sites on their smartphones and tablets. Recent statistics (from show that more than 10 percent of Web users now visit sites on mobile devices – a big leap from earlier this year thanks to improved devices in the marketplace.

But have you taken that information to the next step and tested to see how your website works on mobile devices? You don’t have to own all of the tools to test how your site works. Simply search for browser emulator tools on your favorite search engine and you will find a number of tools to test how your site looks on popular devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Especially if the audience you are trying to reach is likely to use a mobile device as their tool of choice to access the Internet, you cannot afford to ignore or not know how those site visitors are experiencing your site.